LifeSign Status Flu A & B Test Kit – 1 Kit (25 Tests)

$287.50 $230.00

Accurate Results in just 15 Minutes
Pre-Measured Developer Solution Capsule Improves Accuracy
Easy-to-Read Cassette for Positive, Negative or Invalid Test Results
CLIA-Waived when used w/ Nasal & Nasopharyngeal Swabs
Flip Device Design for Ease of Use
Flock Nasal Swab for Enhanced Specimen Collection

Safe & Reliable Kit: Each in-vitro rapid Test includes a nasal swab, developer solution capsule, and a test cassette, providing simple and easy testing. The flock nasal swab enhances the specimen collection, while the pre-measured developer solution capsule improves test accuracy and ease of use. The whole kit also includes one (1) set of control swab (Positive: Influenza A and B antigens; Negative: Inactivated Group B Streptococcus antigen), a quick reference guide/procedure card, and an instruction for use insert.

Efficient & Accurate Testing: Fill the cassette extraction well with the reagent, then insert the swab with the collected specimen, and incubate for 1 minute. Simply flip/tip the cassette to allow the liquid to flow inside, and just wait for about 10-15 minutes to read the test result. The unique flip design of the device and its easy-to-read cassette are not only intended for the use convenience, but help detect influenza type A and type B with great precision, indicating whether the results are positive, negative or invalid.


Product Specifications

Sample size Nasal Swab
Test time 10-15 minutes
Meter range Positive, Negative, Invalid
Chemistry Pre-Measured Reagent Capsule
Package Size

1 Kit, 12 Kits, 50 Kits, 100 Kits


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LifeSign Status Flu A & B Test Kit – 1 Kit (25 Tests)
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